Stomach Patch

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Transform your body in just 21 days with our Body Slimming Patches! Shed 10-12 kg and embrace confidence and beauty from within! Don't hesitate, give it a try now and witness the incredible results for yourself!


Unlock The Power Of Our New Formula To Ignite Fat-Burning Ketosis!

✅ Enter Ketosis: Ignite Your Body's Fat-Burning Potential, Shifting Away from Carbs

✅ Burns Fat & Speeds Up the Metabolism

✅ Approved By Over 300 Doctors, Dieticians & Trainers

✅ Regain Your Shape - Tailored for Women Struggling to Shed Post-Pregnancy Weight & Manage Hormonal Imbalances

Aids in Curbing Your Appetite and Sugar Cravings

✅ Get Noticeable Improvement Within 7 days!

✅ Witness Your Confidence Blossom

100% Naturally – Without Restrictive Diets!


BODY SLIMMING PATCHES: Enhance Your Immune System, Kickstart the Release of Stubborn Body Fat, and Boost Daily Energy Levels

Burn Fats and Eliminate Toxins Thru Your Belly Button!

Secret To Health & Happiness

Is it disheartening to catch sight of your flabby tummy in the mirror?

Absolutely, you can camouflage it with long shirts, corsets, jackets, and flowing robes.

But you can't deceive yourself.

Introducing a contemporary Japanese herbal weight loss solution for you – no exercise required, effortless to wear, and entirely natural: Skylluxe Body Slimming Patches.

Attach the patches with your belly button and lose weight on the go, while doing your household chores, in the office or even while sleeping. How cool is that?

Sporting those body-hugging dresses (for ladies) or exuding confidence in your dress shirts at work (for men) will no longer be a distant dream.



Eco-Friendly: Crafted from All-Natural Japanese Herbs and Herbal Ingredients, Gentle on All Skin Types

✅ Encourages Healthy Perspiration and Natural Detoxification

✅ Scientifically Proven to Reduce Fat Mass and Cholesterol Levels

✅ Achieve An Attractive Slim Waistline In 2-3 Weeks

✅ For Those Looking For A Natural INCH Reduction

✅ Transform Your Body: Target Any Part Of Your Body

✅ Rejuvenates Complexion To Look Younger

✅ Natural Remedy: Say ‘No’ to Chemicals!

✅ 100% Effective: Technique Passed Through Generations - LAB TESTED RESULTS

Don't Just Take Our Word For It - Real Reviews From Real Customers!

"I was losing weight everyday."

"I’m a woman who has struggled with weight my whole life. I was always the “fat kid,” and it was hard for me to get over that label. I tried everything—counting calories, cutting out carbs and sugar, exercising more than I ever thought possible—but nothing worked.I never tried this kind of healthy product before until my friend recommended Body Slimming Patch for me. He said that this patch could boost my metabolism, I doubted at this first. After I used these patches for 8 weeks, I feel more power during workouts. My body detoxify so naturally and I lost 25kg of weight. I will keep using this since it really helps me on my weight loss journey. Thanks Skylluxe!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Kanni L, Perth Australia

"I'm five weeks in and my clothes are loose!"

Within 20 days I lost so much water weight and fat. I have gone from not doing anything physical to going on a run, playing with my kids and playing football . I haven’t done this in over 20 years. I no longer feel fat and sluggish - I feel light and strong and energetic. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - David B, Melbourne Australia

Achieve complete control over your weight management with this powerful and easy-to-use solution. Experience simplicity and effectiveness in your journey towards a healthier and happier you!


Introducing the original transdermal fat-burning and detox patch, known as The Skylluxe Slimming Body Patch, designed to deliver rapid fat-burning results. Upon application, the formula swiftly absorbs, entering the bloodstream to initiate the release of stubborn fat stores, diminish cravings, and aid in a natural detox process.

The transdermal patches improve weight loss by engaging the body to tap into excess fat stores and burn them off in a natural, faster process. They also help in controlling appetite by allowing the body to take in the calories it needs to function making it easier for your body to take in only what it needs. 

In fact, Slimming Body Detox Patches are made with 100% breathable and natural materials designed to be slim and light, meaning you can comfortably sleep while the Slim Patches support you in your weight loss journey. 



Using 10 Natural Active Ingredients this patch is designed to stimulate the body's metabolism increasing the rate it burns fats, carbs, and sugars which makes the Slim Patch the perfect aid to have more control over ones weight management.



1. Clean your skin around stomach with warm towel.

2. Open the individual package and remove the paper covering the slim patch

3. Apply the slim Patch directly onto your stomach

4. Wear the slim patch overnight and keep in place for 8-12 hours, remove the patch after use.

Slimming and Weight Loss Patch (10pieces/pack) | Fat Burner Plaster | Ginax  Wholesale Store

*After Usage:

5. Use warm water to clean the applying area after removing the slim Patch .

6. Continue to use the slim Patch until a desired result & For overweight individuals, please keep using for three months for the best result. 

BellyOff Slimming Detox Patch – TheBlushy 


Day 1

This is my day one, I am always insecure about my belly and my thighs. I sit in the office for more than 10 hours every day and I got no time for exercise. The 1st night when I applied the  on my belly, it felt useless. But in the next morning, to my surprise, I woke up sweating heavily but I am not sick or anything. So I decided to give it a try for 10 more days. 

Day 10

Ok, I have to say- this is really doing something to my fat. I was actually glad that I continued using it. My tummy got smaller even though I am still eating the same amount of food. It might not be clear under clothes but I can totally feel my fat was burnt, and I mean it. The patch is actually working. I am going to keep using this for 10 more days.

Day 20

This is Day 20, I am stunned by it. Only within 20 days, I have undergone so many changes! My belly fat is gone as if I’ve hit the gym frequently!! Even my thighs are showing improvements! My boyfriend was amazed and wondered what did I do. People need to hear how great this patch is. I can finally wear that pair of jeans that was abandoned in my closet. Especially for those who who are too busy for gym like me, this product works amazing!


1. How will the Body Slimming Patch work for me?
With the Slim Patch, you will be able to control your appetite, increase your metabolism (burn excess fat), reduce fat absorption and will assist in removing harmful toxins from the body. The patch will also help in regulating high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

2. Why apply the Body Slimming Patch to the navel?
The process of applying the patch to the navel area is in accordance with the time tested Japanese navel therapy, which has been developed and proven effective for over 2000 years. It has also been clinically proven that this area of the body provides for a large concentration of blood vessels and capillary veins that allow the skin permeation process to work most effectively by giving the herbal compounds direct access to the body.

3. Why use the Body Slimming Patch at night? 
When asleep the body tends to store excess fat because metabolism is at the lowest level, therefore it is important to start the weight loss process at night. Medicines taken orally metabolize in 2-4 hours and basically have no continual effect; however, the Slimming Patch can be effective for 12 hours preventing fat synthesis and promoting fat decomposition.


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Stomach Patch

Stomach Patch

Customer Reviews

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Eldon Hoppe

The product very quickly came to me very well packed. I am very happy with the product, will it work time I will show

Kamryn Reichel

Frequent record of my weight loss journey, my belly fat has seriously affected my daily life, it is usually very difficult to sit down, now I finally get rid of it, I will gain a new self.

Jameson Block

I lost 18 pounds, and the slimming stickers are really good! I must admit that I highly recommend

Carlos Stroman

Speaking of fat, it's really painful. I used it for a month and lost 20 pounds. The weight loss effect is very good!

Vincenza Veum

I've lost weight! I just received 6 more packages as a gift to my friend, and the results were very good. The delivery was also very fast, and I am very satisfied